Parrot's Beak
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Parrot's Beak
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Parrot's Beak, Hedgehog • Hindi: बधारा Badhara • Bengali: বধারা Badhara • Assamese: Korobi
Botanical name: Gmelina philippensis    Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)
Synonyms: Gmelina hystrix

Parrot's Beak is an extraordinary round and spiny shrub, or a small tree, 3-8 m tall, with pendant branches. Rhomboid-elliptic leaves are 5-7.5 cm long, 3-4 cm broad, entire or slightly lobed, smooth. Exotic flowers comprised of yellow blossoms which emerge from a pendant structure of overlapping bracts. The flower resembles parrot's beak. The fruit is fleshy, smooth, yellow, pear-shaped, and about 2 centimeters long. Parrot's Beak is a native of Philippine islands, India and S.E. Asia.
Medicinal ues: In the Philippines it is said that the juice of the fruit is externally applied to portions of the feet affected by “alipuñga,” a kind of eczema. The juice of the fruit is also considered anti “limatik,” (limatik is a species of leech of the genus Haemadipsa).

Identification credit: Shaista Ahmad, Jayashree Roy, Archana Bora, Pallavi Barua
Photographed in Delhi.
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