Peach Angel's Trumpet   
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Peach Angel's Trumpet
ntroduced Photo: Narendra Joshi
Common name: Peach Angel's Trumpet, Salmon Angel's Trumpet • Kannada: Kannadd Dattura
Botanical name: Brugmansia versicolor    Family: Solanaceae (Potato family)
Synonyms: Datura mollis

Peach Angel's Trumpet is a shrub or a an evergreen small tree up to 4.5 m tall. Alternately arranged leaves are oblong-elliptical, smooth to velvety, with tapering tip, up to 60 cm long. Flowers are large, pendulous, funnel-shaped. Spathe-like sepals cup is up to 17 cm long, with one sole tooth ending in a long tip. Flowers are 5-toothed, funnel- shaped, up to 30 cm long with long, curved teeth. They change color from a salmon-tinged white at the beginning to a peach colour at the end. Fruits are berries, up to 21 cm long. Peach Angel's Trumpet is native to South America.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale
Photographed at Amboli, Maharashtra.
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