Peacock Anemone   
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Peacock Anemone
ntroduced Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Peacock Anemone
Botanical name: Anemone pavonina Family: Ranunculaceae (buttercup family)

This scarlet flower often has a white or yellowish center. This plant grows from seed which germinates in the cool of the autumn and then quickly develop a few leaves and a small tuber. Like many plants from the Mediterranean region, anemones die down and rest during the summer. In the following autumn, fresh leaves appear followed by further foliage and the first flower buds, usually in February or March. Flowering stems can reach 30-45cms and new buds can continue to open well into April. Leaf, as if twice cut into narrow segments. Flowers large, 4-8 cms across, without green sepals, which distinguishes it clearly from the Persian Buttercup. petals, in many different flower colours of lavender, lilac, deep purple, red to scarlet, rose-pink, magneta, and more rarely white, blue or in many and various intermediate shades, sometimes two-coloured, with a white or pale base; even the white have a circle of white in the area near the stamens.
Photographed in Garden of Five Senses, Delhi
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