Pink Evodia
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Pink Evodia
E Introduced Photo: Aarti Khale
Common name: Pink Evodia, Corkwood, Pink Doughwood, Pink-flowered Evodia, Evodia, Doughwood, Pink Euodia, Pink Flowered Doughwood
Botanical name: Melicope elleryana    Family: Rutaceae (Lemon family)
Synonyms: Euodia altissima, Euodia rosea, Euodia spectabilis

Pink Euodia is a tree up to 25 m tall, hairless or sometimes with sparsely hairy leaflets and branchlets. Leaves are 3-foliolate; leaflets elliptic, ovate or obovate, 5.5-20 cm long, 3.5-8 cm wide, tip abruptly tapering or blunt, base wedge-shaped or sometimes slightly asymmetric, sparsely hairy, oil dots numerous but small; leaf-stalk 2.5-11 cm long; lateral leaflet-stalks 1-6 mm long, at branch-ends leaflet-stalk 2-10 mm long. Flowers are borne in panicles up to 5 cm long. Sepals 1-1.5 mm long. Petals are 5-6 mm long, pink, velvet-hairy inside. Stamens are 4, longer than the petals. Fruiting carpels fused at the base, individual carpels about 5-8 mm long. Seeds are about 2-3 mm diameter, shiny black. Pink Evodia is a native of Australian rainforest, cultivated in parts of India.

Identification credit: Aarti Khale Photographed in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore.

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