Poplar-Leaf Woodrose
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Poplar-Leaf Woodrose
ative ovate Photo: M. Sawmliana
Common name: Poplar-Leaf Woodrose, Poplar-Leaf Morning Glory • Marathi: Gayri • Nepali: सुनटिकी Suntiki • Mizo: Zing-par
Botanical name: Argyreia hookeri    Family: Convolvulaceae (Morning glory family)
Synonyms: Argyreia populifolia, Ipomoea himalayana, Rivea hookeri

Poplar-Leaf Woodrose is a large climber found in the moist deciduous forest of the Western Ghats. It has grooved, smooth stems. Broadly ovate leaves with a heart-shaped base, are 15-20 cm, with long stalks 10-12 cm. Leaves have 10-12 pairs of nerves, prominent. Flowers occur in few-flowered cymes, carried on long stalks 15-20 cm. Trumpet shaped bluish-purple flowers are 5-7 cm. Flowers are tubular or bell-shaped; tube about 2.5 cm long, hairless ; lobes 5, pointed, about 5 cm across at mouth. Stamens are 5; filaments hairy at base. Berries are about 1.5 cm across, spherical, yellowish-green 4-seeded. Poplar-Leaf Woodrose is found in Eeastern Himalayas, from Nepal to Bhutan, at altitudes of 800-2300 m. It is also found in Western Ghats. Flowering:August-September.

Identification credit: M. Sawmliana, Rakesh Singh Photographed in Aizawl, Mizoram.

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