Prain's White Poppy   
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Prain's White Poppy
ative Photo: Tabish
Common name: Prain's White Poppy, David Prain's Poppy
Botanical name: Meconopsis prainiana    Family: Papaveraceae (Poppy family)

Prain's White Poppy is an unusual species and continues to be in discussion. The plant is very similar to Meconopsis prattii in general characteristics and proportions, but the flowers are consistently 4-petaled and these can be blue, pale yellow or white. Stem is stiffly erect, about 2 ft tall, 1.0-1.5 cm in diameter at base, spreading bristly, pale overall. Basal leaves are in a spreading rosette. Leaves are elliptic-oblanceolate to oblanceolate, both surfaces with spreading, pale, stiff, bristlelike hairs. Lower stem leaves are similar to basal leaves, decreasing in size upward on stem and merging with lower bracts. Inflorescence is a simple raceme with up many flowers. Flower-stalks have stiff bristlelike hairs. Flowers are lateral-facing to half-nodding, 3.8-7 cm in diameter, with 4 large rounded overlapping petals. A notable feature is that the long thin leaves are without black spot, but the buds have black spots. Prain's White Poppy is found in Arunachal Pradesh and SE Tibet.

Identification credit: Anton Thie
Photographed enroute to Bumla Pass, Arunachal Pradesh.
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