Prostrate Cortia
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Prostrate Cortia
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Prostrate Cortia • Nepali: भुतकेश Bhutkesh
Botanical name: Cortia depressa    Family: Apiaceae (Carrot family)
Synonyms: Cortia lindleyi, Athamanta depressa, Cortia nepalensis

Prostrate Cortia is a low-growing, usually stemless alpine plant, with many spreading radiating long reddish primary rays arising directly from the rootstock, bearing tiny secondary umbels, 1.5 cm across, of of white to dark red flowers. Bracts are twice compound, primary rays very unequal. Bracteoles are 1-2-compound, as long as the flowers. Leaves are 5-8 cm long, double-compound, with alternate ovate lobes further cut into threadlike segments. Stem can actually grow up to 10 cm, but plant is usually found stemless. Prostrate Cortia is found in the Himalayas, from Pakistan to Bhutan, at altitudes of 3600-4800 m. Flowering: June-August.

Identification credit: Nongthombam Ullysess Photographed in Yumthang Valley, Sikkim.

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