Prostrate Spurge
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Prostrate Spurge
A Native Photo: Thingnam Rajshree
Common name: Prostrate Spurge
Botanical name: Euphorbia granulata    Family: Euphorbiaceae (Castor family)
Synonyms: Euphorbia fragilis, Euphorbia tigridis, Euphorbia arillata

Prostrate Spurge is a prostrate annual or perennial herb, a rather variable densely velvet-hairy to almost hairless plant. Stems are up to 24 cm. Leaves are obovate-oblong or linear-oblong, 2-8 x 0.5-5 mm, rounded or notched at the tip, obliquely rounded at the base, entire or almost so, thick and slightly fleshy, rough when dry, leaf-stalks 0.5 mm; stipules subulate, 0.5 mm long. Cyathia are borne in leaf-axils, solitary; glands transversely ovate, yellowish or ochreous, sometimes reddish with unequal, nearly entire white or pink appendages. Capsules are 1.5-2 mm diameter, trigonous, keels carinate, smooth. This plant shows great variation in hairiness, leaf-shape and size, life-cycle, and glandular appendages. Prostrate Spurge is native to N. & E. Africa, SW & Central Asia to India.

Identification credit: Tapas Chakrabarty, Tabish Photographed in Imphal, Manipur.

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