Purpletop Vervain
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Purpletop Vervain
P Naturalized Photo: Siddarth Machado
Common name: Purpletop Vervain, Clustertop vervain, Argentinian vervain, Tall verbena, Pretty verbena
Botanical name: Verbena bonariensis    Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)
Synonyms: Verbena intercedens, Verbena inamoena

Purpletop Vervain is a tall and slender-stemmed perennial herb. It can grow to 6 ft tall and can spread up to 3 ft wide. At maturity, it will develop a woody base. Fragrant lavender to rose-purple flowers are borne in tight clusters located on at branch-ends and in leaf-axil stems, blooming from mid-summer until fall frost. The stem is square with very long internodes. Leaves are ovate to ovate-lanceshaped with a toothed margin and grow up to 10 cm long. Purpletop Vervain is native to tropical South America, naturalized in Nilgiri Hills.

Identification credit: Siddarth Machado Photographed in Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu.

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