Ragged Mallow
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Ragged Mallow
ative ovate Photo: Narendra Joshi
Common name: Ragged Mallow • Marathi: Karandi • Gujarati: Makhmali kapat
Botanical name: Abutilon pannosum    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)
Synonyms: Sida pannosa, Abutilon muticum, Abutilon glaucum

Ragged Mallow is an erect perennial herb or shrub, growing up to 1.5-3 m tall. The plant parts are velvet hairy. The species name pannosum means ragged, tattered. Leaves, 4-13 cm across, are broadly ovate, irregularly toothed, blunt or sharp tipped, heart-shaped at base, 7-9 nerved, velvety and velvety on both sides. Leaf stalk is 2-15 cm long. Yellow flowers occur solitary in leaf axils, or appear in racemes or panicles at the end of branches. Sepal cup is about 1 cm long, in fruit up to 1.2 cm, velvety on both sides. Sepals are 4-8 mm long, ovate, lancelike to broadly ovate or triangular, sharp tipped. Flowers are 3-4.5 cm across, yellow. Inverted egg-shaped petals are 1.5-2 x 1.3-1.7 cm, slightly notched. Stamen tube 5 mm long. Fruit is spherical, 1-1.5 cm across, with visible ridges and furrows. Seeds are kidney shaped. Ragged Mallow is found in Tropical Africa, Pakistan and India. Flowering: October-May.

Identification credit: Narendra Joshi Photographed at Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Gujarat.

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