Rainbow Shower Tree
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Rainbow Shower Tree
ntroduced Photo: Tabish
Common name: Rainbow Shower Tree
Botanical name: Cassia x nealiae      Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)
Synonyms: Cassia javanica x fistula

Rainbow Shower Tree is a hybrid between Amaltas (Cassia fistula) and Java cassia (Cassia javanica). It is a gorgeous tree having clusters of flowers with various colors. There are several different varieties of the rainbow shower tree, each having different colors of flowers, often maturing from one color to another. While there is more colorful variety having clusters of yellow and pink flowers, there is also a variety with nearly white flowers, with a tinge of yellow. It is a medium to large size tree, to 40 ft. Seen in well maintained parks and streets in India. The tree is very drought tolerant and grows best in full sun, hot, and dry conditions. The rainbow shower tree is a sterile hybrid. Propagation is by hybridization, grafting. One advantage of this fact is that there is no seed-pod, and the tree is tidier as compared to other Cassias.

Identification credit: R.K. Nimai Singh, Dinesh Valke Photographed in IIT, Delhi.

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