Rock Butterfly Ginger Lily
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Rock Butterfly Ginger Lily
P Native Photo: Triveni Shukla
Common name: Rock Butterfly Ginger Lily, Shaving Brush Ginger • Nepali: रातो सरो Rato Saro
Botanical name: Hedychium ellipticum    Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)
Synonyms: Hedychium fastigiatum, Gandasulium ellipticum

Rock Butterfly Ginger Lily is a handsome perennial plant with large strongly ribbed leaves and shaving-brush like large flower clusters. Flowers are white or orange-yellow in a very dense spike 8-10 cm long, with bright green ovate densely overlapping bracts. Flowers are up to 7 cm, with narrow white petals and linear orange staminodes. Fertile stamens with stout orange filament much longer than the petals. Lip is white, oblong, notched at tip; flower-tube twice as long as bracts. Leaves are oblong pointed 15-30 cm by 8-12 cm broad. Stem is up to 1 m. Rock Butterfly Ginger Lily is found in forests, shrubberies, on rocks, in the Himalayas, from Kashmir, Uttarakhand to Bhutan, NE India, at altitudes of 300-3000 m. Flowering: June-August.

Identification credit: Triveni Shukla Photographed in Manju Khola, Mirik, WB.

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