Rose Bud Jasmine   
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Rose Bud Jasmine
aturalized Photo: Dimple Bhati
Common name: Rose Bud Jasmine, Everblooming Jasmine, Gold Coast Jasmine
Botanical name: Jasminum dichotomum    Family: Oleaceae (Jasmine family)

Rose Bud Jasmine is an evergreen climber which grows as a rambling shrub or a woody vine, up to 26 ft tall, with climbing stems longer. Stems are hairless. Oppositely arranged leaves appear simple (technically with one leaflet each), oval to roundish oblong, glossy, leathery, 5-7 cm long, with short-pointed tips. Flowers are white, but the buds are pink, and somewhat resemble rose-buds, hence the common name. Flowers are quite fragrant, opening at night, appearing in clusters in leaf axils. Petals are fused into a narrow tube up to 2.5 cm long, with 5-9 petals, about 1.3 cm long, spreading star-like. Fruit is a small, fleshy, roundish, black, 2-lobed berry. Rose Bud Jasmine is native to Africa, cultivated in tropical regions as a garden plant. Observed to escape cultivation and become wild in parts of India. Flowering: January-April.

Photographed in Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh.
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