Rose Cactus
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Rose Cactus
ntroduced Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Rose Cactus
Botanical name: Pereskia grandifolia    Family: Cactaceae (Cactus family)
Synonyms: Rhodocactus grandifolius, Cactus grandifolius, Pereskia grandiflora

Rose Cactus is a very interesting cactus which looks deceptively like a shrub, with large leaves. It can take the form of a shrub or small tree, 2-5 meters high, with a grayish-brown trunk up to 20 cm in diameter. The spines range from black to brown, the number emerging from each ring (areole) gradually increasing with age. New twigs can have spineless areoles, while the trunk areoles may have up to 90 spines, each 2-6.5 cm long. The leaves vary in size from 9-23 cm long, entire, with shapes ranging from elliptic to ovate and obovate-lanceolate. Flowers are borne in dense clusters at the ends of stems, usually with 10-15 flowers, but sometimes with 30 or more. The flowers are pink, showy and rose-like, 3-5 cm in diameter. Rose Cactus is native to the region from Mexico through Brazil. Flowering: May-November.

Identification credit: Nandan Kalbag
Photographed in Kailash Colony, Delhi.
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