Rosy Trumpet Tree
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Rosy Trumpet Tree
ntroduced Photo: Saba Chatterjee
Common name: Pink trumpet tree, Pink poui, Pink tecoma, Rosy trumpet tree • Hindi: बसंत रानी Basant rani • Tamil: வசந்த ராணி Vasantha Rani
Botanical name: Tabebuia rosea      Family: Bignoniaceae (jacaranda family)

Native to continental America, Pink trumpet is a tall, fast-growing tree reaching 25 to 30 m high and 1 m d.b.h. The crown is wide, stratified, and irregular, with a few thick, horizontal branches; the bole is straight, sometimes channeled at base. Leaves are palmately divided into 5 unequal leaflets. The oval/oblong leaflets have a rough-to-touch surface, entire margin and a pointed tapering tip. The central leaflet is larger than the rest. The leaflet size is variable between 3-18 inches. Flowering occurs between December and February, when the tree bursts into panicles of pink trumpet shaped flowers with yellow throats.

Identification credit: J.M. Garg, Noorafsha Abdulla Photographed in cultivation in Bangalore & Nasik.

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