Rubber Bush   
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Rubber Bush
N Native Shrub
Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Rubber bush, apple of Sodom, Aak आक (Hindi), Mudar मुदर (Hindi)
Botanical name: Calotropis procera    Family: Asclepiadaceae (milkweed family)

Spreading shrub or small tree to 4 m, exuding copious milky sap when cut or broken; leaves opposite, grey-green, large up to 15 cm long and 10 cm broad, with a pointed tip, two rounded basal lobes and no leaf stalk; flowers waxy white, petals 5, purple-tipped inside and with a central purplish crown, carried in stalked clusters at the ends of the branches; fruit grey-green, inflated, 8 to 12 cm long, containing numerous seeds with tufts of long silky hairs at one end. Shrubs, mostly less than 6 ft., but up to 15 ft.; similar to C. gigantea, but leaves oblong to elliptic, corolla usually about 1 in. across with lobes more erect, corona lobes glabrous or pubescent, and follicle 4-5 in. long.
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