Saramolla Grass
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Saramolla Grass
A Native Photo: Chintan Bhatt
Common name: Saramolla Grass, Ribbed Muraina-grass, Wrinkle duck beak, Saromacca grass • Hindi: Maronda, Murchi • Kannada: Kadukkaen hullu • Tamil: Kadukken pillu
Botanical name: Ischaemum rugosum    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)
Synonyms: Andropogon rugosus, Ischaemum colladoa, Meoschium rugosum

Saramolla Grass is a resilient annual grass that inhabits marshes and other wetlands, growing in loose clumps up to heights of 10-100 cm. The grass is primarily recognized by the wrinkled texture of the stalkless spikelet's lower glume, with 4-7 distinct horizontal ribs. The plant produces brown, ovoid grains 2 mm long. The stems are wrapped by a papery, loose leaf sheath up to 16 cm long. Sheaths are topped with a membranous ligule 6 mm deep. The linear leaf blades are 5-30 cm long and 3-15 mm wide, gradually tapering down at the base and sometimes resembling a leaf-stalk. Blades have a margin of stiff minute hairs, and may either be smooth or covered with thin hairs on the leaf surface. Saramolla Grass is native to Tropical Africa, Tropical & Subtropical Asia to W. Pacific.

Identification credit: Alok Chorghe, Chintan Bhatt Photographed in Vetale Hills, Pune, Maharashtra.

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