Scalloped Caralluma
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Scalloped Caralluma
P Native Unknown Photo: Preeti R. Kanaujia
Common name: Scalloped Caralluma
Botanical name: Boucerosia crenulata    Family: Apocynaceae (Oleander family)
Synonyms: Caralluma nilagiriana, Caralluma crenulata, Caralluma truncatocoronata

Scalloped Caralluma is a fleshy, hairless, cactus-like succulent plant with branches numerous, up to 15 cm high. Branches are 6 mm thick, not tapering, 4-angled, with scalloped sides and minute ovate leaves on the tubercles of the angles. Flowers are borne at branch-ends, in tight umbels, 13-flowered. Bracts are 2.5 mrn long, linear. Flower-stalks are 1.7 cm long. Calyx is divided to the base, sepals 4 mm long, linear, pointed. Flower-tube is 6 x 6 mm, bell-shaped, limb with 5 triangular vaivate petals, exactly pentagonal, 8.5 mm wide at the tip, green outside, slightly mottled with purple, purple inside or almost black, with many yellow pellucid linear minute furrows which are arranged in interrupted circles, having a few club-shaped particles at the sinuses between the segments. Scalloped Caralluma is distinguished by the bifid corona lobes reduced to broadly flat top with minute horns or teeth at each end. Scalloped Caralluma is found in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu. Flowering: August-September

Identification credit: Sujith Cariappa Photographed in Lucknow, UP & Devarayanadurga, Karnataka.

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