Scentless Turmeric
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Scentless Turmeric
ative Photo: J. M. Garg
Common name: Scentless Turmeric, Hidden lily
Botanical name: Curcuma inodora    Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)

Scentless Turmericis a small herb with one of the showiest flowers in all Curucuma species. They are large pink. The plant is mainly found in South India. It grows up to a height of 4 ft. The plant goes dormant in November but resurfaces in May from the underground bulbs
Medicinal uses: Scentless Turmeric is used by the tribals as a hair tonic and for cure of wounds.

Identification credit: M. Sabu Photographed in Narsapur forest, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra.

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