Short-Horn Balsam
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Short-Horn Balsam
A Native Photo: Shrishail Kulloli
Common name: Short-Horn Balsam
Botanical name: Impatiens brevicornis    Family: Balsaminaceae (Balsam family)
Synonyms: Impatiens chinensis var. brevicornis Barnes

Short-Horn Balsam is an erect, slender marshy herb, 15-30 cm tall, hairless or sparsely hairy. Leaves are elliptic, oblong-lanceshaped or linear-oblong, pointed or tapering at tip, wedge-shaped or rounded at base, about 4 x l cm. Flowers are up to 1.8 cm across, red. Lip is boat-shaped; spur much curved, shorter than wing, often coiled into a complete circle and sometimes shorter than lip. Stipe of wings slender; basal lobes very small, narrow and curved. Short-Horn Balsam is found in Kamataka and Kerala. Flowering: August-September.

Identification credit: Shrishail Kulloli Photographed in Kerala.

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