Sikkim Screw Pine   
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Sikkim Screw Pine
ative Photo: Nongthombam Ullysess
Common name: Sikkim Screw Pine
Botanical name: Pandanus urophyllus    Family: Pandanaceae (Screw pine family)
Synonyms: Pandanus furcatellus

Sikkim Screw Pine is a tree 7-13 m tall. Stems are simple or branched above. Aerial roots are prominently present. Leaves are clustered at branch ends. They are linear, 1-4.2 m long, 2-11 cm broad, leathery, margin densely toothed with incurved spines, with a tail-like tip. Male inflorescences consisting of several spikes - spikes golden yellow, terete, 10-15 cm; spathes ca. 1 m × 10 cm; male flowers numerous; stamens 3-14 per bundle, aggregated at apex of stalked filaments; anthers linear, ca. 5 mm, apex of connective with long, curved, aristiform cusp. Female inflorescence pendulous on peduncle, capitate, to 80 × 3 cm, with ca. 15 spathes. Female flowers with 1 carpel, rarely 2; stigma bifurcate and curved. Fruit is solitary or in racemes, reddish brown or orange-red, cylindric to ellipsoid, up to 23 × 12 cm. Drupes are fused, obconic-pyramidal; exocarp fleshy, sweet; styles bony, spiny, projected part of apex pyramidal, 1- or 2-locular; persistent stigma 2- or 3-furcate. Sikkim Screw Pine is found on riversides, streamsides in forests, also cultivated as hedges and living fences, in parts of China, Sikkim, and Vietnam. Flowering: August.

Identification credit: Nongthombam Ullysess
Photographed on the Bagdogra-Gangtok route, West Bengal.
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