Silver Cockscomb   
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Silver Cockscomb
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Silver Cockscomb, Flamingo Feathers, Wheat Celosia • Marathi: कुरडू Kurdu
Botanical name: Celosia argentea var. spicata    Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth family)
Synonyms: Celosia spicata

Silver cockscombs are erect, branching plants with oval or lance-shaped, strongly veined leaves 2-6 in long and hundreds of tiny flowers packed in dense spikes of silver-white flowers which usually stand above the foliage. They are beautiful plants with soft, dense feathery spikes, produced in profusion. Wonderful straw-like flower when dried. It offers fresh shape and colour to cut flower, or everlasting flower arrangements, with 10-13cm flower spikes on 60cm stems. Slender, cylindrical pink or rose flowerheads have a metallic sheen because the individual flowers are silvery-white at their bases. Excellent as a flowering pot plant. Height 60-75cm.

Photographed in Delhi.
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