Sky Lupin Pixie Delight
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Sky Lupin Pixie Delight
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Sky Lupin Pixie Delight, Field Lupine 'Pixie Delight'
Botanical name: Lupinus nanus 'Pixie Delight'    Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)

Sky Lupine is an annual flower that grows between less than 1 up to 1 foot tall. These blue flowers bloom in the Spring and have low water requirements. Leaf-stalk is 2-8.5 cm. Leaves are digitately compound, with 5-9 leaflets, generally 7, 1-4 cm, 1-12 mm wide, occasionally linear. Inflorescence is 2-20 cm, flowers generally whorled; peduncle 2-15 cm; flower-stalk 2.5-7 mm; bract 4-12 mm. Flowers are 6-15 mm, calyx 4-8 mm, lips equal, upper deeply lobed. Petals are blue (light blue), lavender, pink, or white, banner spot white, keel upper margins ciliate near tip, lower glabrous. Fruit is 2-4 cm, 4-7 mm wide, hairy. Seeds 4-12. Sky Lupin is a species of lupine native to the western United States. It grows naturally in clearings and along slopes in California, Nevada, and on Steens Mountain in eastern Oregon. It is widely cultivated as a garden plant. It is cultivated in the colder parts of India.

Identification credit: Moonkyu Lee, Supratim Photographed in Imphal, Manpur.

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