Slender Eria
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Slender Eria
P Native Photo: M. Sulaiman
Common name: Slender Eria, Triplet Eria
Botanical name: Conchidium exile    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Eria exilis, Eria minima, Porpax chandrasekharanii

Slender Eria is a small orchid living on trees, with pseudobulbs spherical, usually in threes forming a chain. Leaves are up to 3 x 0.6 cm, stalkless, appearing usually before the flowers, persisting till fruiting, obovate-elliptic, hairless, rounded, with a tiny point at tip, tapering at base. Flowers are small in floppy, dull white, capillary, bracteate flowering stems 3-6 cm long, arising from between the leaves; bracts boat-shaped. Sepals are united, hairless. Petals are ovate-elliptic, shorter than sepals; lip sickle shaped. Capsules are up to 5 x 2 mm, broadly ovoid. Slender Eria is found in SW India at elevations of around 700 m. Flowering: January-May.

Identification credit: M. Sulaiman Photographed in Kakkayam, Kozhikode, Kerala.

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