Slender Millet
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Slender Millet
A Native Photo: Sushant More
Common name: Slender Millet
Botanical name: Isachne gracilis    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)

Slender Millet is an annual grass with stems slender, 5-25 cm high, erect or geniculate; nodes hairless. Leaves are 1-3 x 0.2-1.5 cm, oblong-elliptic, elliptic or elliptic-lanceshaped, sparsely hairy; ligules membranous or obscure. Flowers are borne in lax panices 1-10 cm long. Spikelets are spherical, 0.5-1 mm long; lower glume oblong, about 0.5 x 0.25 mm, papery, faintly 5-7-nerved, softly hairy; Upper glumes oblong or ovate-oblong, 0.5-1 x 0.5 mm, papery, faintly 7-9-nerved, sparsely hairy. Slender Millet is endemic to Peninsular India. Flowering: August-December.

Identification credit: Shahid Landge Photographed in Anjaneri, Nasik, Maharashtra.

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