Slender Tree Plant
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Slender Tree Plant
ative Photo: J. M. Garg
Common name: Slender Tree Plant • Kannada: Horamuchhaka • Marathi: मोठी लाजवंती Mothi lajwanti • Sanskrit: लज्जालु Lajjalu
Botanical name: Biophytum reinwardtii    Family: Oxalidaceae (Wood sorrel family)
Synonyms: Oxalis reinwardtii

Slender Tree Plant is an annual herb which looks like a miniature tree. It is closely related to the Little Tree Plant. It is named for Caspar Reinwardt, 19th century Dutch naturalist and biologist It grows to only 6-12 cm tall, and has erect, hairy stem. Leaves are compound, 5-7 cm long, crowded near the base. Leaflets are oblong, 1 cm long, stalkless, 14-20 pairs. Yellow flowers arise in umbels of 3-7 flowers, at the top, carried on a 5-7 cm long stalk. Slender Tree Plant is found in India, Ceylon, S. China, Malaysia, and also in the Himalayas, from Garhwal to Nepal, at altitudes up to 1000 m. Flowering: October-December.

Identification credit: Santhosh Kumar, Santhosh Kumar Photographed in Goa.

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