Slipper Flower   
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Slipper Flower
aturalized Photo: Prashant Awale
Common name: Slipper Flower, Slipperwort, Gold Purse
Botanical name: Calceolaria mexicana subsp. mexicana    Family: Scrophulariaceae (Dog flower family)
Synonyms: Calceolaria gracilis, Calceolaria palustris

Native to Mexico, Slipper Flower is a small and showy annual with divided leaves and spikes of puffy, pale yellow flowers. Flowers are about 1 cm or more, long-stalked, in branched leafy clusters. It makes a very multi-branching plant with the brightest lemon-drop little yellow "balloons" evenly spaced throughout the fresh green foliage. Leaves quite often vary in shape and form. They are pinnate or pinnately lobed, or entire and coarsely toothed, stalked hairy. Leaf blade is 2.5-5 cm long. The generic name is derived from Calceolarius, meaning shoemaker in Latin and describes the flowers, whose shape of the lower lip reminds people of a lady slipper. This plant has escaped cultivation in many area in India, and can be seen growing wild, even in the Himalayan region. Flowering: April-December.

Identification credit: Arittha Wikramanayake Photographed in Munnar, Kerala & Sikkim.

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