Small-Flowered Alyce Clover
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Small-Flowered Alyce Clover
A Native Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Small-Flowered Alyce Clover
Botanical name: Alysicarpus parviflorus    Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)
Synonyms: Desmodium alysicarpoides, Desmodiastrum parviflorum, Desmodiastrum racemosum var. parviflorum

Small-Flowered Alyce Clover is an erect or nearly erect herbs, up to 1 foot tall, with stem hairy. Leaves are trifoliate, with leaflets 4.5 x 2 cm, elliptic pointed at tip, rounded at base, woolly below. Lateral leaflets are much smaller. Flowers are borne in racemes up to a foot long, at branch-ends, flower-stalks 2 or 3-together. Flowers are blue to pink; sepal-cup 4.5 mm long, sepals linear-lanceshaped, densely hairy, standard 3 x 2.5 mm, hairless. Pods are curved, 6-jointed, joint 2 x 1.5 mm, straight along one suture, hairless. Small-Flowered Alyce Clover is found in India, Myanmar, E. Jawa. Flowering: September-December.

Identification credit: Shantanu Chavan, M.V.Krishnaraj Photographed at Raigad, Maharashtra.

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