Smallflower Tamarisk
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Smallflower Tamarisk
P Naturalized Photo: Akhtar Malik
Common name: Smallflower Tamarisk
Botanical name: Tamarix parviflora    Family: Tamaricaceae (Tamarisk family)

Smallflower Tamarisk is a tall shrub, 4 m high, with reddish brown bark. Leaves are simple, alternate, stalkless, ovate with somewhat eared base, 3-5 mm long 1-1.5 mm broad, tapering. Pink flowers are borne in racemes which are 1.5-4 cm x 3-5 mm; bract exceeding flower-stalk, not reaching sepal-cup tip. The tiny flowers are 4-merous; sepals 1-1.5 mm, margins entire or finely toothed; petals oblong to ovate, 2 mm; antisepalous stamens 4, filaments confluent with nectar disc lobes, all originating from edge of disc. Smallflower Tamarisk is native to S Europe to West Asia, cultivated elsewhere. It has naturalized in many places, like the US and West Himalaya.

Identification credit: Akhtar Malik Photographed in Kashmir University, Srinagar.

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