Snow Rose double
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Snow Rose double
ntroduced Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Snow Rose, Tree of a Thousand Stars
Botanical name: Buchozia japonica 'Flore Pleno' Family: Rubiaceae (coffee family)
Synonyms: Serissa japonica, Lycium japonicum, Lycium foetidum

Serissa is a small evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub much loved as bonsai for its tiny flowers which may occur 2-3 times yearly, gnarled trunks, and naturally miniature leaves. Serissa has many upright wiry stems that branch freely and form a bushy dome only 2-4 ft tall and wide. The foliage has a very fine texture with densely crowded opposite leaves to 3/4 in (1.9 cm) long. Bruised leaves have an unpleasant fetid or rotting smell. Serissa bears its pretty flowers from early spring until late autumn. They are about 1.3 cm across, with a tubular base and 4-6 spreading petals. 'Flore Pleno' has double flowers and only gets 1.5 ft tall. Serissa is native to open woodlands and wet meadows in southeastern Asia. It is a popular bonsai subject in Japan, where many named cultivars have been selected. Softwood cuttings can be rooted in spring; ripewood cuttings in summer. Serissa cuttings can even be rooted in a glass of water. The genus Serissa contains just this one species. Serissa's tidy habit and long blooming period make it an attractive hedge and edging plant.

Identification credit: Shaista Ahmad, Thingnam Sophia Photographed in Manipur

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