Soft Bonnet Bellflower
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Soft Bonnet Bellflower
ative Photo: Pema G. Bhutia
Common name: Soft Bonnet Bellflower
Botanical name: Codonopsis thalictrifolia    Family: Campanulaceae (Bell flower family)
Synonyms: Campanula thalictriflora, Codonopsis mollis, Glosocomia tenera

Soft Bonnet Bellflower is Himalayan wildflower, distinguished by its solitary funnel-shaped pale blue flowers, 2.5-3.5 cm long, with the flower-tube narrow cylindric at base and widening abruptly to twice as broad at the mouth. Sepals are oblong-pointed, about 6 mm, minutely hairy. Leaves are tiny, rarely more than 8 mm across, rounded to heart-shaped, reminiscent of Meadow-Rue leaves. In fact, the species name thalictrifolia means leaves like Meadow-Rue. Leaves are shaggy-haired. Stems are not rigid, sparsely leafy above, up to 40 cm. Roots are carrot-shaped. Capsule is hemispheric, beaked, about 1 cm. Soft Bonnet Bellflower is found in eastern Himalayas, from C. Nepal to SE Tibet, at altitudes of 3600-4500 m. Flowering: July-September.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Sikkim.

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