Soft Muraina Grass
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Soft Muraina Grass
P Native Photo: Sushant More
Common name: Soft Muraina Grass
Botanical name: Ischaemum molle    Family: Poaceae (Grass family)

Soft Muraina Grass is a clustered perennial grass with stems 30-120 cm high, erect; nodes densely or sparsely hairy. Leaves are 5-20 x 0.4-1 cm, lanceshaped or linear-lanceshaped, tapering, lower ones narrowed towards base, upper ones rounded or shallowly heart-shaped, covered with sparse tubercle-based hairs; sheaths 5-15 cm long, shorter than the internodes, keeled, striped, covered with dense, tubercle-based hairs except towards base; ligules ovate, 3-6 mm, pointed, membranous. Inflorescence consists of 2 racemes, 4-8 cm long, stout, sparsely hairy; flower-cluster-stalks are shortly protruding; joints of racemes linear-club-shaped, 2.5-3 mm long, crustaceous, long hairy along the margins and dorsal angles. Stalkless spikelets are elliptic, 5-5.5 mm long, awned, callus bearded. Stalked spikelets are oblong, 4-4.5 mm long, unawned; flower-stalks 2.5-3 mm long, linear-club-shaped, densely hairy, hairs 0.5-2 mm long. Soft Muraina Grass is native to Pakistan to India, Myanmar. Flowering: October-January.

Identification credit: Sushant More, Manoj Chandran Photographed in Badlapur, Maharashtra.

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