Spiny Barleria   
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Spiny Barleria
P Native Unknown Photo: Rajiv Lingayat
Common name: Spiny Barleria, lesser yellow nail dye • Marathi: काटे कोरांटी kate koranti, पिवळी कोरांटी pivali koranti • Oriya: gohoma • Tamil: மஞ்சட்செம்முள்ளி mancat-cemmulli, வெள்ளைமுள்ளி vellai-mulli
Botanical name: Barleria cuspidata    Family: Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)

Spiny Barleria is a low spiny shrub, growing to 1 m high. Stems and branches are cylindrical and slightly tapering. Oppositely arranged oblong lancelike leaves are 3-6 cm long. Slender spines 2-3 cm, occur in leaf axils. Yellow flowers occur solitary in leaf axils, or in terminal spikes. The flowers has a funnel form, with two petals - the upper one is divided into 4 and the lower one is whole. The lower lip is distinctly shorter than the upper one, and is obovate. There are two stamens and a style which is longer than the stamens.

Photographed in Konkan.

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