Spreading Leucas
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Spreading Leucas
A Native Photo: S. Kasim
Common name: Spreading Leucas
Botanical name: Leucas diffusa    Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)

Spreading Leucas is a prostrate or creeping herb, with stem 4-angled, branching, trelling, up to 25 long, bristly. Flower-whorls are few-flowered, less than 2 cm in diameter, solitary, at branch-ends. Bracts are 3-5 mm long, linear, stiff, fringed with hairs with long stiff hairs, slightly shorter than calyx. Calyx-tube is 5-6 mm long, tubular, straight or slightly curved, ribbed in upper part, bristly with bristly hairs above or hairless with age; mouth flat; villi as long as calyx-teeth or shorter; teeth 10, 1-1.5 mm long, erect, nearly equal, triangular. Upper lip of flower is bearded with white hairs, shorter than lower. Leaves are opposite, elliptic to lanceshaped to inverted-lanceshaped, 1.7-2.5 x 0.5-0.8 cm, wedge-shaped, narrowed at base, entire at margin, bolbothrix hairy, pointed at tip, bristly; nerves obscure; leaf-stalk very short. Nutlets are about 2.5 mm long, oblong, rounded at top, smooth, greyish-brown. Spreading Leucas is endemic to Southern Western Ghats. Flowering: October-December.

Identification credit: S. Kasim Photographed in Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu.

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