Stalkless Elatostema
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Stalkless Elatostema
ative Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Stalkless Elatostema • Chepang: लेदेम Ledem • Nepali: गग्लेटो Gagleto • Mizo: Dawhvannei, Suanlung-an
Botanical name: Elatostema sessile    Family: Urticaceae (Nettle family)
Synonyms: Elatostema pubescens, Dorstenia pubescens

Stalkless Elatostema is a gregarious herb, growing on moist rocks in shade, rooting below. Branchlets are up to 40 cm, zig-zag. Leaves are alternate, obliquely lanceshaped, up to 10 x 3 cm, nearly stalkless. Base is obtuse, margin with more than 8 deep teeth, apex acute; stipules lanceolate. Inflorescence axillary, of densely crowded unisexual flowers subtended by free bracts in the staminate and fused ones in the pistillate fleshy receptacles. Staminate: Tepals 4, ovate, dorsally appendaged. Stamens 4. Pistillate: Tepals 4, dentate. Ovary 1-celled; ovule 1; stigma penicillate. Achene ovoid. Stalkless Elatostema is found in the Himalayas as well as the Western Ghats.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed on Ukhimath-Chopta road, Uttarakhand.

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