Sticky Blumea
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Sticky Blumea
ative Photo: Krishan Lal
Common name: Sticky Blumea, clammy false oxtongue
Botanical name: Blumea viscosa    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Synonyms: Blumea aurita, Laggera aurita, Pseudoconyza viscosa

Sticky Blumea is an erect perennial branches herb 1-2 ft tall. It is aromatic, smelling of turpentine. Stem is usually not winged. Leaves are ovate to obovate, 2-12 x 1-5 cm, lyrately or pinnately lobed, with a wedge-shaped or narrow base or sometimes lobed to the base, lobes decurrent, 6-8 x 4-5 mm. Flower-heads are 7-9 mm in diameter; phyllaries 3-6 mm, outer one lanceshaped, inner linear, glandular. Florets are purple, 4-6 mm long. Seed-pods are dark red-brown, about 1 mm obscurely ribbed, sparsely hairy, pappus white, 4-4.5 mm long. Sticky Blumea is widely distributed. Flowering: March-June.

Identification credit: Krishan Lal
Photographed in Sirmaur Distt, Himachal Pradesh.
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