Stocks Violet
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Stocks Violet
A Native Photo: Rakesh Singh
Common name: Stocks Violet
Botanical name: Viola cinerea var. stocksii    Family: Violaceae (Violet family)
Synonyms: Viola stocksii, Viola somalensis, Viola nubica, Viola etbaica

Stocks Violet is a small annual, hairless to glaucous herb, upto 35 cm high. Flowers are small, 2-5 mm long, bluish-white with blue stripes. Petals are 5, 4 equal in size, 3.0-6.5 x 2-4 mm, inverted-lanceshaped-oblong, blunt, striped; lateral longer, 3.0-7.5 x 3.0-5 mm, inverted-lanceshaped, blunt, entire. Sepals are 2-5 x 1-2 mm; lanceshaped, entire, tapering, membranous. Spur is small, about 1-2 mm long, straight, obtusish. Ovary 1-2 mm. long; ovate, hairless, style capitate, 1.0-1.75 mm long. Flower-cluster-stalk is hairless, upto 3.5 cm long; bracteoles 2, opposite, near the top of flower-cluster-stalk, 24.0 x 1-2 mm, bristly, tapering, entire. Stem is simple often branched from base, branches spreading. Leaves are opposite, 1.5-5.5 x 1-2.0 cm; ovate to spoon-shaped, often winged to the base, mucronulate-blunt, stipulate, stipules linear-lanceshaped, 3.0-9.0 x 1-2 mm, bristly, tapering, lower 2-3-fid. Leaf margins are somewhat toothed. Capsules are hairless, elliptic to lanceshaped, 3.0-7.0 mm long, mostly 12-seeded; seeds obovoid, smooth, shiny, creamish brown. Stocks Violet is found from Afghanistan to NW India. Flowering: February-May.

Identification credit: Minal Jani Prajapati Photographed in Savarkundla, Gujarat.

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