Sun Spurge
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Sun Spurge
ative Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Sun Spurge, Wart spurge, Umbrella milkweed, Madwoman's milk • Hindi: Hirruseeah, Dudhya
Botanical name: Euphorbia helioscopia    Family: Euphorbiaceae (Castor family)

Sun Spurge is an annual plant growing in ploughed land and disturbed ground. It grows to 10-50 cm tall, with a single, erect, hairless stem, branching toward the top. Leaves are obovate, broadest near the tip, 1.5-3 cm long, with a finely toothed margin. The flowers are small, yellow- green, with 2-5 basal bracts similar to the leaves but yellower. It is highly poisonous. Active ingredients are extracted from it for use in pharmaceutical industry. Sun Spurge is found in the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Himachal Pradesh, at altitudes of 300-1800 m. Flowering: April-June.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh Photographed in Avantipur, Kashmir & Ladakh.

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