Tailed-Leaf False Nettle
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Tailed-Leaf False Nettle
P Native Photo: Saroj Kasaju
Common name: Tailed-Leaf False Nettle, Three-Leaf False Nettle • Nepali: धादले Dhaadale, काम्ले Kaamle
Botanical name: Boehmeria ternifolia    Family: Urticaceae (Nettle family)
Synonyms: Urtica ternifolia, Urtica caudigera, Boehmeria caudigera

Tailed-Leaf False Nettle is a shrub up to 2.5 m,with soft spreading indumentum on most parts. Leaves are scarcely or markedly two-formed in size with length of ‘larger’ ones 1-1.5 times the ‘smaller’ ones, very broadly elliptic or deltate, rarely obovate-obdeltate or rhombic-ovate to ovate-flat, slightly or moderately asymmetrical, widely varying in size 7-14 by 7-13.5 cm, length 0.8-1.25 times width. Leaf tip abruptly tapering, consisting of a single tail-like linear tooth only 1-2 mm broad. Flower-clusters are borne on leafless inflorescence-bearing axes, these drooping slender, unisexual but often on same stem with male axes in lower leaf axils; male axes 4–15 cm, unbranched or more often with several branches at or close to base; female axes 10-20 cm, rarely branched; clusters on both male and female axes spaced 1-2 mm apart or contiguous. Tailed-Leaf False Nettle is found in Eastern and western Himalayas: northern India, Nepal, Bhutan. in dense montain forest, forest clearings and margins, often in damp shady ravines or by waterfalls, at altitudes of 1000-2300 m.

Identification credit: J.M.Garg Photographed in Soureni, Mirik, West Bengal.

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