Tall Cigar Plant
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Tall Cigar Plant
ntroduced Photo: Shaista Ahmad
Common name: Tall Cigar Plant, Candy corn plant
Botanical name: Cuphea micropetala    Family: Lythraceae (Crape Myrtle family)

Tall cigar plant is a semi-woody subshrub that grows up to 3-4 ft tall with a similar spread. Oppositely arranged, narrow lance-shaped leaves are crowded on the stems. They vary in size, and can be up to 6 in long. They are long near the bases, gradually shortening toward the stem tips. The flowers are very showy, red-yellow tube-shaped, 1.5 in long, shading to yellow-green. They are borne in profusion on the branching tips of the stems. Tiny glandular hairs on the flowers give them a sticky surface. Tall Cigar Plant is native to Mexico, and is cultivated as a garden plant.

Identification credit: Shankara Rao
Photographed at JNCASR, Bangalore.
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