Tiny Primrose
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Tiny Primrose
ative Photo: Pankaj Kumar
Common name: Tiny Primrose
Botanical name: Primula minutissima    Family: Primulaceae (Primrose family)
Synonyms: Primula heydei

Tiny Primrose is named in honour of Enrique Teophila Heyde, Guatemalan cleric and plant collector. It is a tiny plant growing in dense tufts with rosettes of leaves and with stemless purple flowers much larger than the tiny leaves. It may be confused with Creeping Primrose. Flowers are 8-13 mm across, flower-tube much longer than the hairless calyx, petals deeply notched Leaves are densely crowded, narrowly oblong to lanceshaped or inverted-lanceshaped 5-10 x 1.5-3 mm, densely powdery on the underside, base narrowed, margin toothed above middle, tip acute to long-pointed. Fruiting stems are up to 5 cm long. Tiny Primrose is found in the Himalayas, from Kashmir to C Nepal, at altitudes of 3600-5200 m. Flowering: June-July.

Identification credit: Krishan Lal Photographed at Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh.

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