Toon Tree
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Toon Tree
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Indian mahogany, Red cedar, Surian • Assamese: Poma Jatipoma • Bengali: Tun • Hindi: Toon तून • Malayalam: Vempu • Kannada: ಗಂಧಗರಿಗೆ Gandhagarige, ಗಂಧಗರಗೆ Gandhagarage, ನೊಗೆ Noge, ನೊಗ Noga, ನಂದುರಿ Nanduri, ನಂದಿ Nandi, ಬೆಳಂದಿ Belandi, ಕೆಂಪುಗಂಧಗರಿ kempu gandha gari, ಟೂನಮರ Toona mara • Manipuri: ꯇꯥꯢꯔꯦꯟ Tairen, ꯇꯥꯢꯔꯦꯜ Tairel • Marathi: Kunant • Mizo: Tei-pui • Nepali: टुनी Tunee • Sanskrit: तुन्नः Tunna, तुन्नकः Tunnak, कुबेरकः Kuberak • Tamil: துந் மரம் Tun Maram • Telugu: Nandichettu
Botanical name: Toona ciliata    Family: Meliaceae (Neem family)
Synonyms: Cedrela toona, Cedrela serrulata, Cedrela kingii

Toon is a large deciduous tree generally with a wide spreading and handsome crown attaining a height of 45 m and a stem diameter of 2 m. In cities may be of a much smaller stature. Also known as Red Cedar, Toon is famous for it's fragrant red wood that is much sought after for use in furniture making, building and ornamental woodwork. The soft wood is easily worked and polishes to a rich red that is enhanced with age. Flowers are white, fragrant, in a large pyramidal panicle at the ends of the branchlets. Individual flowers about 5 mm long. Flowering period is in spring. Leaves are alternate, pinnate, consisting of five to seventeen leaflets. Leaflets opposite or irregularly alternate, ovate-lanceolate, 4-13 cm long, often drawn out to a long point at the tip, unequal at the base. Green both surfaces, paler beneath, red and downy when young.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Delhi & Rajouri, J&K.

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