Tree Tobacco
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Tree Tobacco
aturalized Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Tree Tobacco, Woolly Nightshade, Ear-leaved Nightshade, Flannel Weed, Bugweed, Tobacco Weed, Tobacco Bush, Wild Tobacco, Kerosene Plant
Botanical name: Solanum mauritianum    Family: Solanaceae (Potato family)
Synonyms: Solanum auriculatum, Solanum tabacifolium, Solanum verbascifolium var. auriculatum

Tree Tobacco is a plant that has a life of up to thirty years, and can grow up to 10 m tall. Typically it is a shrub 2-3 m tall. Its large oval leaves are grey-green in color and covered with felt-like hairs. The flower is purple with a yellow center. The plant can flower year round but fruiting occurs in late spring to early summer. It is tolerant of many soil types and quickly becomes established around plantations, forest margins, scrub and open land. Tree Tobacco is native to Uruguay and southeastern Brazil, but naturalized in many parts of the world.

Identification credit: Dinesh Valke
Photographed at Ooty, Tamil Nadu.
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