Tricolor Vanda
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Tricolor Vanda
P Introduced Photo: Kalyan Brata Santra
Common name: Tricolor Vanda
Botanical name: Vanda tricolor    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Vanda suaveolens

Tricolor Vanda is a medium sized, tree-dwelling orchid with an erect stem carrying 20 or more, pale green, at tip very uneven, often erose, strap-shaped leaves. The plan blooms in the early winter on an in leaf-axils, to 25 cm long, simultaneously 6 to 9 flowered inflorescence and carrying sweetly vanilla scented flowers. Flowers are 6-7.5 cm in diameter, fragrant, waxy, short column. Sepals and petals are broadly ovate, claw-like base, wavy, yellow spotted with dark pink-purple-dark brown, white base. Lip is trilobed, midlobe broadly oblong, waisted at the middle, basal part boarder than apical, violet-red with purple stripes, short spur. The scent is perceivable from 1 m away when many inflorescences bloom together. Tricolor Vanda is native to Jawa, cultivated elsewhere.

Identification credit: Kalyan Brata Santra Photographed in Kaziranga Orchid Garden, Assam.

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