Trilobed Adenia
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Trilobed Adenia
P Native Photo: Ritesh Choudhary
Common name: Trilobed Adenia • Bengali: Akandaphal
Botanical name: Adenia trilobata    Family: Passifloraceae (Passion flower family)
Synonyms: Modecca trilobata, Passiflora saponaria

Trilobed Adenia is a climber many feet long, hairless. Leaves are remote, membranous, broadly heart-shaped at the base, deeply 3-lobed; the lobes lanceshaped, main-nerves 5, palmate, 15-20 cm long, 11-16 cm broad. Leaf-stalks vary from half as long to nearly as long as the leaf-blades. Flower-cluster-stalks are slender, smooth, round, in leaf-axils, longer than the leaf-stalks, umbels to cymes. Flowers are few, 7-12 mm long, the females somewhat longer than the males. Sepal-cup is tubular, sepals short, oblong, somewhat pointed. Petals are narrowly oblong, inserted near the base of the sepal-cup-tube. Filaments united into a tube springing from the fundus of the sepal-cup. Staminodes in female flower are united into a membranous cup. Fruit is oblong, scarlet, from 5-6 cm long when ripe, and 3.5-4 cm in diameter. Trilobed Adenia is found in E. Pakistan, Himalaya to NW Myanmar.

Identification credit: Susanne Renner, Santanu Dey Photographed in East Kamneg district, Arunachal Pradesh & Mizoram.

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