Two-Petal Begonia
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Two-Petal Begonia
P Native Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Two-Petal Begonia
Botanical name: Begonia dipetala    Family: Begoniaceae (Begonia family)
Synonyms: Begonia bipetala, Begonia malabarica var. dipetala, Haagea dipetala

Two-Petal Begonia is a thick-stemmed begonia. Flowers are white, tinged with pink. Both male and female flowers have two tepals. That is one feature to distinguish it from Malabar Begonia. The female ovary has three nearly equal wings. Flowers are carried on semi-erect, and later drooping flower-cluster-stalks. Its stem is erect and tapering, greyish brown in color. Leaves are medium-sized, grass green, obliquely ovate, semi-heart-shaped, pointed at the tip, and have a red sinus with the red radiating down indented veins. Leaves are minutely warty, having white spots at the tip of warts with a short white bristly hair coming from the center of each wart. Two-Petal Begonia is found in Western Ghats. Flowering: February-September.

Identification credit: Makarand Mohanrao Aitawade, Mark Hughes Photographed near Mavingundi, Karnataka & Kerala.

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