Udipi Turmeric
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Udipi Turmeric
ative Photo: Shivaprakash Nedle
Common name: Udipi Turmeric
Botanical name: Curcuma bhatii    Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)
Synonyms: Paracautleya bhatii

Udipi Turmeric is a threatened plant species. It is the smallest southern Indian ginger family plant with a height of 12-15 cm, having short rhizomes. Leaves are narrow, long, arising from the base. Flowers are borne on a spike atop a leafless flowering stem. Flowers are yellow, with green leaf-like bracts. It grows in the crevices of laterite rocks. It is found in a few scattered populations in Udupi District, Karnataka State, which is its type locality.

Identification credit: Shivaprakash Nedle
Photographed at Udupi, Karnataka.
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