Variable Flatsedge   
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Variable Flatsedge
aturalized Photo: Gurcharan Singh
Common name: Variable Flatsedge, one-arm sedge, rice sedge, small-flower umbrella plant, smallflower umbrella sedge
Botanical name: Cyperus difformis    Family: Cyperaceae (Sedge family)

Variable Flatsedge is a plant of aquatic and moist habitats. It is a weed of rice fields, but not generally a troublesome one. This is an annual herb with one to many thin, soft erect stems reaching over 30 cm in height. There are usually a few long, wispy leaves around the base of the plant. The inflorescence is a rounded bundle 1-3 cm wide, containing up to 120 spikelets, each long and partially or entirely covered in up to 30 bracted flowers. The flowers are light brown with areas darker brown and sometimes a yellowish or purplish tint.

Identification credit: Gurcharan Singh
Photographed at Tikkar Tal Lake, Morni, Haryana.
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