Veined Justicia
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Veined Justicia
P Native Photo: M. Sawmliana
Common name: Veined Justicia
Botanical name: Justicia vasculosa    Family: Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)
Synonyms: Ruellia rivinifolia, Adhatoda vasculosa, Ecbolium vasculosum

Veined Justicia is a perennial herb, about 2 ft tall, with perennial root-stock. Leaves are 7-18 by 4-8 cm, ovate-elliptic tapering, entire, membranous, rough above, velvet-hairy on the midrib beneath; leaf-stalk 1.2-4.5 cm long. Flowers are borne solitary, opposite in simple or paniculate spikes; bracts oblong. Flowers are 1.2-1.6 cm long, dull white with purple veins, lower lip bent downwards, broadly elliptic, about 5 mm, anthers not protruding. Sepals are lanceshaped, purple-tipped. Veined Justicia is found from NE India to SE Asia. Flowering: October-December.
Medicinal uses: Portion of leaves is used for curing inflammation.

Identification credit: Saroj Kasaju Photographed in Reiek tlang, Mizoram.

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