Violet Churcu
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Violet Churcu
ntroduced Photo: Muthu Karthick
Common name: Violet Churcu
Botanical name: Iochroma cyaneum    Family: Solanaceae (Potato family)
Synonyms: Habrothamnus cyaneus, Iochroma tubulosum, Meyenia cyanea

Violet Churcu is stunning plant, easily identified by its deep violet, trumpet shaped blooms which are borne in large clusters. It is a much sought after and uncommon garden ornamental. It is a bush, up to 8-12ft tall. It has big, very velvety leaves. Flowering occurs year-round, with more intense blooms produced during spring and fall. There are a few known varieties, of which the most common is the 'Wine' Iochroma, which has flowered colored the same as red wine. Violet Churcu is native to the mountains of Ecuador, cultivated as a garden plant worldwide.

Identification credit: Mahadeswara Swamy
Photographed in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.
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